Artie Lange showed the positive effects his rehab is having as he put on an incredible show Wednesday night at the Stress Factory in New Brunswick Saturday night Artie will be at the Cherry Hill Crowne Plaza. Get tickets here.

Lange who was accompanied by Tommy Garafola from Retreat Premier Addiction Treatment Center and returned there afterward, talked about his rehab before the show with New Jersey 101.5.

"I'm really good and it's all about timing in life. I feel like a new man, I feel good," Artie told me. He also made fun of the Rev. Bob Levy, with whom he's touring, and who was there when Artie decided on my show in-patient rehab is the right move to get his life in order.

On stage, Lange performed to a packed house along with Levy, myself, Joe Conte, Ken Krantz and owner/emcee  Vinnie Brand. It was one long lovefest with the crowd laughing and cheering Lange, who professed his love for both them and the place as he closed.

The crowd returned it both during and after the show. You can't help but love Artie Lange, and when he says he's fighting hard, it's great for him to see all his fans who are pulling for him in his battle.

I've never seen a comedian more beloved, as Stress Factory Vinnie Brand professed on stage after the show.

Afterward, Lange posted on Twitter:

To which Jim Gaffigan responded:

He's right. We all are.

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