It's time to ask the question: are you stickin' it out and diggin' in with me? Or have you had enough of the high taxes, over-regulation and intrusion by our state and local governments? If you're leaving, how long? Where will you go?

I'm going to continue to push the conversation to convince more average New Jerseyans to stick it out a little while longer. Remember that we were able to defeat close to $600 million in new spending by turning out in droves to defeat local school ballot initiatives.

We've shown that we can win if we put our minds and votes together. Let's do it again.

There's a mid term election coming up soon. June is the primary and November is your chance to send the crooks packin'. Imagine if the Democrats lose the majority in the Assembly? Imagine if the Governor had to deal with GOP legislators fighting back against his new tax scheme? So far he raised taxes more than 20 times and the Democratic majority has enabled the passage of more than 100 new tax hikes since the took power.

The GOP isn't perfect for sure. But if we change leadership in the assembly, we have a fighting chance.

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