Um ... thanks? (which definitely sounds legitimate) has ranked what it says are the 100 most miserable places in New Jersey using — as the site puts it — "science and data."

The site mish-mosehd together salary data, employment rates, cost of living, crime, the amount of sunny days, the amount of married couples (we're not sure if that's supposed to be an indicator of happiness or unhappiness), and the amount of home ownership (again, with New Jersey taxes, that one could work either way).

It went to the FBI's crime data, the Census, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Sperling’s Best Places, and Twitter mentions.

And showing care and attention, the site presented its list of — this is their goof, not ours, "the most miserable cities in Connecticut."

So let's not consider this the most comprehensive, scientific analysis. But it's still a sort of fun to flip through.

Newark ranked as the unhappiest, with the 5th lowest home ownership in the state and the 10th highest crime. "It wasn't even close," Roadsnacks wrote. It noted 10 percent of the population was out of work, and commuting times are horrible.

But it does get a lot of sunny days.

We'd point out that Newark has its upsides. There are a lot of great shows at NJPAC (though, frankly, many seeing them are from out-of-town). There are cherry blossoms in the spring, Shaq was born there, the Cathedral Basilica Of The Sacred Heart is gorgeous, you've got access to mass transit via light rail and PATH trains, and the Ironbound has come a long way.

See here for the site's top (bottom?) 100 list of miserable places in NJ — whether the formula's scientific, there's some interesting data in there.

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