We live in the most densely populated state in the country. There's not a lot of space to work in sometimes and some people are using drones to get their work done. They're used in construction, real estate, surveying, advertising, etc. They're also being used by douche nozzles looking to fill their empty lives by spying on and/or hassling ordinary people just living their lives.

Thursday night I was fishing on a pond behind my house when I heard what sounded like a weed-whacker somehow getting closer... in the middle of the lake! I looked up and there was a drone about 50 feet above my head watching me trying to enjoy a quiet evening fishing. As I spotted it and shook my head, it dropped down to about 20 feet above me. Just as I was about to cast my lure straight up at it, it took off way up high, then quickly way far away to the other side of the lake and out of sight.

I was so pissed off, that I wanted to go looking for the idiot who was controlling it and then immediately rigged another rod with just a heavily weighted hook so I could snag it if it came back. It didn't. What are the rules of engagement concerning these things and the idiots who play with them? Can I have some fun too? Since just about any kind of firearms are taboo here in New Jersey, what can I use to stop the harassment? Well I did some research and apparently help is on the way. There are several companies making devices to disable and bring drones down.

I would gladly spend what this ass-wipe did on his drone for a device that would efficiently destroy his little toy (I talking about his drone) the next time I see it. If I see it watching me over the lake, a quick little bath with a quick take down, should do the trick.

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