There's nothing like October in New Jersey. The leaves falling off the trees like the hopes that we had for our football teams. There should be no ill will between Giants and Jets fans because we're in the same boat. We're both losers.

Add to that Rutgers, who's overmatched playing in the Big 10. The only way they can win I think is for Governor Murphy to sign legislation like in California allowing athletes to benefit from endorsement deals. The Giants and Jets, however, weren't supposed to be overmatched in the NFL, yet year after year it appears that they are.

The Jets drafted a franchise quarterback, spent over $100 million in free agency, drafted what was considered the best defensive lineman, signed the top running back, one of the top linebackers and brought in a new head coach and general manager and their record is 1-5. Included in their "lowlights" is a 23-3 loss to the Browns, a 31-6 loss to the Eagles, and a 33-0 meltdown to the New England Patriots in a game where quarterback Sam Darnold claimed on national television to be "seeing ghosts."

The Giants, on the other hand, brought in a general manager who's plan was to win now while building for the future. They passed on Darnold and drafted the best running back in Saquon Barkley. They remade the offensive line, which last week allowed 8 sacks against the Arizona Cardinals. Their new quarterback Daniel Jones, after a brilliant debut, has regressed with each game. The team lacks playmakers while paying Eli Manning $23 million to sit on the bench and dead money to Odell Beckham Jr.

The Giants are 2-5 this year. Among their "lowlights" are a 35-17 loss to the Dallas Cowboys, a 28-14 home-opening loss to the Buffalo Bills that turned out to be Eli Manning's last game, a 28-10 loss to Minnesota Vikings, 35-14 loss to the New England Patriots on national television, and 27-21 embarrassment to the Arizona Cardinals whom they were supposed to beat.

On November 10, the Jets will host the Giants at Met Life Stadium. This is a game that should have severe repercussions for the loser's management.  If the losing continues, and it looks like it will, I'm wondering who's going to want to fight the traffic and parking with the new American Dream Mall to even attend. We haven't made it to Halloween and it looks like football season in New Jersey is over.

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