What would you people do without me here to give you the Ben & Jerry’s update? As a Ben & Jerry’s addict I am constantly on the lookout for their new flavors and for their exclusive flavors. (I try never to get involved with their limited batch flavors because they are usually amazing and then they retire them since they are in fact limited. Then I get bummed out.) The genius of Ben & Jerry’s is not just the flavor combinations but also the packaging and marketing most notably their very clever flavor names. Lately, I feel that they have been running out of name ideas. Either that or they fired the old guy and hired a new guy who works real cheap.

Flavor names notwithstanding, B&J continue to wow with a dizzying, never ending stream of great new flavor ideas. And these two new flavors are no exception. The unfortunately named Glampfire trail mix is chocolate ice cream with crunchy pretzel swirls, Marshmallow swirls and fudge covered almonds.

Another exclusive flavor which you must try NOW is ironic in that it has probably the WORST name that they have ever conceived of for one of the BEST flavors they have ever conceived of: Keep Caramel And Cookie On is Caramel malt ice cream with shortbread cookies, fudge flakes and caramel swirls. Don’t let the stupid name fool you. It’s insane. When will Ben & Jerry’s run out of great flavor combinations? When hell freezes over. Which will work out fine for me since my ice cream will stay nice and cold.

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