A new app hopes to eliminate one of the biggest nuisances of visiting the Jersey Shore: finding a parking space.

The app is called BeachIt, and will be free to download. Although it is not planned to launch until next week, its website is online.

BeachIt was conceived by Andrew Smith and Andrew Dombrowiecki, with Smith creating the app and Dombrowiecki handling the marketing.

“We call ourselves the Airbnb of parking,” said Dombrowiecki. Homeowners who have a driveway located close to the beach “can rent it out, and then beachgoers can rent out the driveway spot. Depending on how many spots you have on the driveway, one, two or three, you can rent as many spots as the driveway will allow with easy access for cars getting in and out.”

Dombrowiecki said driveway owners will list their own prices.

“If you have a prime location across the street from the beach, it obviously is a little bit more of a pricier spot, but it all depends on how you want to price it,” he said.

Dombrowiecki said he and Smith developed the idea over seven summers as lifeguards at Ocean Grove Beach, but their project really only took off about three and a half months ago.

Getting to the beach at 8 o’clock in the morning, we were realizing that we were parking a couple blocks away, and we figured that there needed to be a solution to the parking problem,” Dombrowieck said.

He said this summer will be a “test run,” focused in the areas of Belmar and Long Branch. These are towns where “parking is always a problem,” but “there are plenty of driveways to rent out,” according to Dombrowiecki.

But that doesn’t mean the app will always be limited to these areas.

“We would love to start branching out, going to other states, but first we wanted to kind of start a little bit local,” Dombrowiecki said.

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