It was no April Fool's joke. On Saturday, April 1, New Jersey had seven tornadoes sweep through the state, tying a record set in 1989. Three of them passed through the area of Adventure Crossing causing the 100,000-square-foot dome to collapse.

We're talking winds of at least 100 mph. The sports and entertainment complex, on its Facebook page, said repairs are underway to the dome and the entire facility is “weeks away from reopening.”

(Photo: Adventure Golf & Entertainment)
(Photo: Adventure Golf & Entertainment)

Fast forward to Monday, April 10, when the building reopened with TopGolf, Axe Throwing, XR/VR Aracde, Maxflight simulator, and the restaurant and bar.

I spoke to Kristine Schmocker who is the event planner at Adventure Crossing USA about the night the tornado hit:

I was not here and did not hear about it until the day after. But from what I understand, everything was pretty status quo. There was a little bit of concern about the storm coming through.

So as a precaution, the manager on duty was quick on his feet, and I'll call it the eye of the storm. I'm not sure that's what it was. But he had everybody come into the building for safety. And once the winds died down, everyone went back out. And nothing really during our operating hours happened to the dome or the building. There was nothing until much longer after everyone had left.

Photo of damaged ADventure Crossing USA dome (Photo courtesy: Rich with ACUSA)
Photo of damaged ADventure Crossing USA dome (Photo: Adventure Golf & Entertainment)

What was the damage?

The dome collapsed. But it is remarkable to me that not a single piece of our technology, and there's a lot of technology out there, or furniture, nothing was damaged, nothing.

So the structure that sits out there with all of the technology for the golf, driving bays, every screen, everything is intact.

So post the dome deflating, each of those things was wrapped so that there wasn't any subsequent damage afterward because it's not as protected. But you know, we were really very, very lucky, for sure.

Still from video of Adventure Crossing USA dome damage Video courtesy of RIch with ACUSA)
Still from video of Adventure Crossing USA dome damage (Photo: Adventure Golf & Entertainment)

And now the road to recovery, What needs to be done?

So the dome is closed until the repair to the dome is completed, which we're anticipating is a few weeks. Fortunately, we've been told that it can be repaired instead of replaced because that would have been a lot longer. And they're in the process of doing those repairs now.

VR Football at Adventure Crossing USA (Photo courtesy of Rich with ACUSA)
VR Football at Adventure Crossing USA (Photo: Adventure Golf & Entertainment)

How much is open?

So the good news is we opened our building again on Monday (April 10)  which was really terrific because of the Spring Break timeframe, we really wanted to be open.

So everything inside the building is operating the restaurant and bar.

We have four top golf swing Suites, which are a simulator-based technology, where there are 16 different games, and then games within games, you're playing with actual equipment.

VR Golf at Adventure Crossing USA (Photo courtesy of Rich with ACUSA)
VR Golf at Adventure Crossing USA (Photo: Adventure Golf & Entertainment)

So you can play golf, you can play soccer, you can play dodgeball with zombies, you can play carnival games, you can play hockey, all these games are played, you throw or hit the ball into the screen, and it registers.

You have eight people playing against one another in each of the suites, which is set up where servers can bring food and drinks to you. It's really pretty nice. So we have four of those.

(Photo courtesy of Rich with Adventure Crossing USA)
(Photo: Adventure Golf & Entertainment)

We also have eight axe-throwing bays. Most axe throwing is a real AFS real wood wall. What makes ours different is instead of having the target painted on the wood, we project our target. We have a number of different games that you can play, you can play tic tac toe with like backgammon all with axes into the woods. And again, it's set up so you can have your server come there and bring you food and drinks. And we've got eight of those and you can play eight people at a time.

(Photo courtesy of Rich with Adventure Crossing USA)
(Photo: Adventure Golf & Entertainment)

Virtual reality on steroids!

We have eight driving simulators and for each one of those, the chairs move, and the wind blows on your face. You can do it with or without the headgear. If you put the headgear on, you can see inside of the vehicle, you can choose your car, everything from a Lamborghini to a Honda Civic, and you choose your course. And then you ride.

You can also do roller coasters there we had an event where we had eight people riding the same roller coaster with one another, all at the same time.

We also have four free forum stations. And in the free form where you can do a number of different things. You can work in an assembly line, you can walk across two skyscrapers on a tightrope. You can do sporting activities.

Adjacent to that we are for flight simulators. And the flight simulators are Star Wars equipment, all kinds of things. It's really like nothing I've ever seen before.

VR headset at Adventure Crossing USA (Photo courtesy of Rich with ACUSA)
VR headset at Adventure Crossing USA (Photo: Adventure Golf & Entertainment)

In our lobby, we also have what we call them Max flight, which is for all technical purposes, a roller coaster, it's insured as a roller coaster.

It doesn't look like much. It looks like there's this big hunk of metal beautifully painted, but it spins sideways, upside down. And there are over 200 Different roller coasters you can or you can fly an airplane in there. And it is you can do everything from something very laid back and simple to something so severe and upside down and flipping that it'll take you a while to get back to normal afterward.

Food from Adventure Crossing USA (Photo courtesy of Rich with ACUSA)
Food from Adventure Crossing USA (Photo: Adventure Golf & Entertainment)

And the food!

Our restaurant -bar, the food is fantastic. We have drinks specials, we have burger and beers special for $20.

You can check out their wide range of food choices here.

Regardless of where you've been or what you've done, you have got to see this place to believe it!

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