WOODBRIDGE — A 22-year-veteran police officer rescued a deer from a sewer for the third time in his career on Wednesday.

Officer Timothy Majek told New Jersey 101.5 that residents in the Fox Hill Run apartments, located just off Rahway Avenue, called about the fawn. In response Majek's fellow officers, knowing his history with saving deer, sent him over to help. When he arrived, the homeowners who called 911 pointed him in the direction of the sewer where the fawn was positioned in a corner, unable to climb out on its own.

"Sure enough, there's a baby deer cuddled up in a corner of the sewer," Majek said.

The 50-year-old officer tilted the grate up, climbed in and gently grabbed the fawn as he made noises of protest.

"It was such a small little baby. It was like handling a small or medium size dog," Majek said. "I got him out and I'm holding it and I'm like, 'now what do I do with it,'" he said.

Neighbors told Majek the fawn's mother had been wandering all night near the sewer.

"I took the baby over by the woods and let it go and it ran off into the woods, so hopefully it was a good ending. " Majek said.

Wednesday's incident, along with Majek's previous deer rescues, have earned the officer a new nickname.

"I don't call myself the 'deer whisperer.' Everybody else is, amongst other things," Majek laughed.

The officer said his whole family loves animals and has a Great Dane as a pet.

"My dad goes around and feeds all these stray cats," he said.

Majek's other rescues involved bucks that had gotten tangled up in nylon netting and at that time, he was more concerned about getting kicked.

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