If you or someone you know and care about are struggling with substance abuse, please know that there are qualified caring people out there to help. My friends at CFC Loud N Clear have been working hard for years to save lives and rebuild families.

Here are two numbers to call if you need help. You can call the CFC hotline or you can call/text my friend Ashley Regan directly on her cell.

  • CFC Hotline 833-300-4673 (HOPE)
  • Ashley Regan cell 732-272-5046

We have been discussing the addiction crisis in New Jersey for many years. The problem has not gotten better and sadly claims more lives and families year after year. The holiday season is often a time where we see a rise in anxiety and depression and many people turn to alcohol and drugs in order to ease the pain of isolation, lost loved ones or just to cope with the normal stress of everyday life.

It's a seasonal crisis that is exacerbated by the endless lockdown orders, fear-mongering and panic-peddling that we hear from politicians in Trenton and Washington. You can't trust a politician who turns a blind eye to real suffering in order to pursue his own ambition. But there are good people in the world and right here in the Garden State who can help you and your loved ones.

Daniel Regan joined me on my New Jersey 101.5 morning show to discuss steps you can take to get help.

Don't go it alone. There is a light at the end of the dark tunnel. See you on the other side.

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