Every time there is even a chance for winter weather in New Jersey these days it seems like county and state crews are out and about, putting a brine solution on the roads to make them less slippery.

This salty solution does make driving safer but it’s also resulting in a potentially damaging residue being deposited under your vehicle.

Joe Erickson, the automotive services territory manager for AAA New Jersey, recommends washing your car as soon as you can.

“The average car owner should be at least aware of the long-term effects of the chemicals that are being put on the road. If left unchecked, it can cause corrosion over a period of time. It’ll corrode anything that is metal for certain.”

Erickson stressed regular maintenance is important, but “the manufacturers do a very good job of corrosion proofing their vehicles prior to assembly.”

To repair a rusted chassis could wind up costing thousands of dollars.

He said the corrosion caused by brine can begin to occur quicker than you might imagine.

“I’ve seen it as briefly as a winter. If you go through a winter without washing your car, you will see some kind of impact on the paint or the under carriage of your car," he said.

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