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Sometimes when New Jersey pets get sick their owners can’t afford to pay for needed treatment and surgery and the animal is euthanized.

An organization called Waggle is working to prevent that from happening.

According to Steve Mornelli, the CEO of Waggle, money is raised on a crowdfunding platform and 100% of it is used to pay vet bills to help dogs, cats and other animals, and keep them with their human families.

Courtesy Waggle
Courtesy Waggle

How to start

He said if people have veterinary bills they cannot afford they can go to waggle.org.

“Once they’re there they can literally just hit one button, this will create a campaign and we’re off and running,” he said.

He said you will need your veterinarian’s contact information, the pet’s medical estimate and clear and compelling photos of the pet as well.

Meet Pets in Crisis

Waggle will review the case, and then they will post approved campaigns on their Meet Pets in Crisis page.

Courtesy Waggle
Courtesy Waggle

He said for donors “it could be looking on our page and seeing a dog or cat that resonates with them, it be a breed (of dog) a puppy or an older dog, one that is nearly funded.”

A special bond

Mornelli said this kind of support is worthwhile because the bond between animals and people is unique and wonderful.

“For so many people, whether they are rich or poor, whatever community they might live in, their pets are very important to them and they know how important they are to their family members, maybe it’s an elderly person, maybe it’s to young children,” he said.

He noted Waggle partners with celebrities, social influencers and nonprofits to help pets in need, and some cases may qualify for extra attention, a matching grant or sponsorship.

He said if you want to help support medical care for an animal it can be a one-time donation or ongoing.

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