Montvale New Jersey Mayor Michael Ghassali joined me on Wednesday to discuss his position on the Trump Administration bombing of chemical weapons storage facilities in Syria. He has an interesting perspective coming to this nation with his family fleeing the war on country many years ago. He is truly the epitome of the American dream.

We don't agree one hundred percent on the issue as I support the President's move pulling in key allies in The UK and France. The Mayor's concern is the potential for destabilizing the region even further and provoking additional and necessary tension with Russia and China. He makes a good point, as I've mentioned before, that the prior Bush administration destabilized the region taking out Hussein in Iraq and Obama made it worse without a clear and consistent plan. Either way, we agreed that the solution and strive for peace is complicated and multi-faceted. The mayor is a great guest and a friend of both my morning show and Chasing News. Take a listen to our conversation from Wednesday. He'll be back with me soon.

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