MONTVALE — An actor who made a name for himself as the goalie in the Disney movie the "Mighty Ducks" has landed in legal trouble for the second time in recent months.

Shaun Weiss, 40, a Montvale native, was arrested and charged with allegedly shoplifting over $200 worth of merchandise from a Los Angeles Rite Aid, according to TMZ. Weiss is charged with petty theft and possibly a probation violation, according to Page Six.

He was arrested over the summer on drug charges, and a mugshot showing a drastic difference in his appearance from his movie days went viral. Weiss' big break came back in 1992 as the goalie for the Ducks. Since then he has had a steady stream of work, according to his IMDB page. However, he has no credits on the page since 2016 when he appeared in four projects.

A previous report from Page Six said Weiss was also arrested in August of last year on charges of possession of methamphetamine.


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