We spotted a thread on Reddit over the weekend talking about people blaring their music on their Bluetooth devices. Those things pump out some pretty good sound.

That can be very annoying and people should be more considerate, but let's face it, many people are not. So, since we've banned smoking, and that's a mild irritant at best, let's list the things that should be banned while we're at it.

Our listeners came up with a list of their pet peeves.

  • 1

    Swim lanes and screeching, whistling lifeguards

    If you're gonna go into the Atlantic Ocean, be aware that it can get dicey, and if you're a lifeguard, you may have to drag an occasional idiot out of the water no matter how far down the beach they are.

  • 2

    Spraying sunscreen while on the beach

    Being an amply melonated-American, I don't use too much sunscreen, but if I did, I'd make sure it didn't bother anybody else. I can't smoke my cigar, so you can't spray your chemicals willy-nilly for all of us to inhale.

  • 3

    Loud music on the beach

    Every idiot that LOVES his/her music has headphones. They make the kind you can tune to whatever your friends are listening to. Have a silent disco party and jam out bro.

  • 4

    Feeding the seagulls

    This one came with a suggestion of cuffing and arresting and mandatory jail time. OK, maybe on the second offense. First offense, maybe we tie you down on the sand and put fries on your crotch.

  • 5

    No mask wearing on the beach

    Dude and dudette, if you're that afraid of "the virus," what are you doing out of your house? You're not gonna catch COVID-19 on the beach unless you're giving mouth-to-mouth to an COVID-positive drowning swimmer. In which case, isn't it worth the virus to save a life?!

  • 6

    No dogs on the beach

    There are dog beaches in several towns along the Jersey Shore. Not everyone wants your pooch sniffing their cooch. Then of course there's the issue of them relieving themselves. Dah, have a little consideration.

  • 7

    No shaking of blankets or towels unless you're downwind and away from others

    It's sand. Walk a few feet away to a less crowded spot and shake to your hearts content.

  • 8

    Don't fly your drone on a crowded beach

    You're probably a perv, and now you're just letting everyone know it. Do it early in the morning or later in the evening is you want to capture the beauty of the ocean and surf.

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