A big victory has been won by kitchen entrepreneurs all across New Jersey.

Spurred by the New Jersey Home Bakers Association, (who knew there was such a group?) home bakers are going to go pro with a food operators license now being issued by the state of New Jersey.

The State Senate last week passed a bill that would allow the sale of home-baked goods created in residential kitchens. And it’s about time. People have been doing this anyway, albeit technically illegally, but now all of these people who are creating delicious concoctions in their home kitchens and bringing an additional revenue stream into their homes won’t have to be in the shadows any longer.

Here are seven great home bakeries that we can finally put in the spotlight. For more info on any of these companies, do a quick Google search.

  • 1

    Ryley’s Barkery

    Ryley’s Barkery makes delicious and nutritious homemade dog treats in flavors like sweet potato and apple and pumpkin peanut butter. These treats are healthy and loved by dogs across the state. You can get a 14 ounce bag for 15 bucks—not a bad deal for a special treat for your best friend.

  • 2

    Greta's House

    If you like Latin American deserts, you need to try these. Specializing in traditional Argentinian alfajores; sweet and crumbly shortbread sandwich cookies filled with dulce de leche or guava. My mouth’s watering already. More info here.

  • 3

    Baked by Ally

    Like a lot of New Jersey home cooks, Baked by Ally has custom decorated sugar cookies and cakes that are to die for. And business is booming! Her baked goods are gorgeous and she’ll be happy to customize! You can find her on Facebook.

  • 4

    TT Fely

    Tia means aunt in Spanish. And TT is the nickname that this baker’s nieces and nephews gave her. TT Fely, or Aunt Felicia, makes an assortment of Spanish desserts. Some of the favorites are her insane flan and her Tres leches cake. You can even pick some up at Pix Deli in Belmar.

  • 5

    Love and cheesecakes

    Love and Cheesecakes is the premier home baker of Cheesecakes in Monmouth County. It’s a mother daughter team who makes some of the most irresistible cheesecakes known to man. In just about every drool-worthy flavor you can think of. You can find her on Instagram.

  • 6

    Cook's cupboard

    Cook's Cupboard makes spices and dips so you don’t have to. Fresh ingredients combined with a lot of creativity are the perfect addition to so many of your own home made meals. One of their most popular, Tuscan blend, and all the others are available at farmers markets all over New Jersey.

  • 7

    Let’s Talk Cake

    Born of the pandemic lock down like a lot of other home food businesses, Let’s Talk Cake is another mother daughter team who makes amazing cakes, cupcakes, cookies and favors. One look at their Instagram and you’ll see what I mean. You call call or text 908-930-7178 to order. Or just DM their Instagram page.

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