A list that no one wants to be a part of keeps getting longer.

The New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development announced on Tuesday that seven businesses have been added to the "WALL," a public list of employers that have failed to comply with laws related to wages, benefits and taxes.

The Workplace Accountability in Labor List now has 168 businesses. No business has come off the WALL since last month.

The seven newly added businesses owe a total of more than $323,000 in unpaid wages, fines, and penalties. One business alone owes more than $127,000.

When you include every business that's still on the WALL, $17.2 million is owed to either their workers or to New Jersey.

NJDOL has collected more than $480,000 from businesses posted to the WALL or businesses that were warned that they'd be added to the WALL if they didn't pay up. That total was $435,000 a month ago.

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The WALL went live in September 2023, featuring businesses that range from restaurants to demolition companies.

According to NJDOL, businesses on the WALL had plenty of notice before reaching this point.

Any business that makes it to the WALL is barred from public contracting with governments, until they pay their liabilities in full.

Additions to the WALL: June 2024

ADM Food Service Corp. (Doing business as Cheeseburger Cheeseburger)

⚫ 5 Astor Drive, Englishtown

⚫ Total owed: $34,239.25

Armor Refractory & Gunite Corp.

⚫ 261-263 Sherman Ave., Newark; 3 Eberling Dr., New York, NY

⚫ Total owed: $30,292

Busted Knuckle Auto & Tire LLC (Doing business as Busted Knuckle Towing)

⚫ 100 Route 9 N., Marmora; 8 East Dundee Rd., Ocean City

⚫ Total owed: $21,399.83

Galan Transportation LLC

⚫ 6112 Hasbrook Ave., Philadelphia, PA

⚫ Total owed: $30,000

Premier Steel Inc.

⚫ 125 East Broadway Suite 507, Long Beach, NY; 1010 Adaba Ct, NE, Palm Bay, FL

⚫ Total owed: $49,120.18

Rtech Consulting, LLC (Doing business as Central Career School)

⚫ 329 Winthrop Dr., Nutley; 126 Corporate Blvd., South Plainfield; 4314 60th St., Woodside, NY

⚫ Total owed: $127,373.98

Schaffer Quality Builders LLC

⚫ 426 C Cedar Lane, Teaneck; 286 Lodi St., Hackensack; 6205 Hudson Ave., West New York

⚫ Total owed: $31,320

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