We let you know twice about the plight of the O’Neill family from Red Bank. Their 3 month old baby girl, Edie, is suffering from a mysterious liver disease and earlier this month things took a bad turn. She’s been hospitalized ever since at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. A living donor was being sought and with time running short we joined the desperate effort to get word out.

The problem was not only finding someone brave enough to undergo surgery and give up a section of their liver, but that person had to be a very certain blood type, a certain age and a certain weight.

Great news. After all the strangers who shared the news and many who tried to be a donor it turns out they found a donor in their very own family.

It was recently learned that Edie’s mom, Bridget, has a first cousin, Becky O’Neill, who is a match. She came just within the weight limit and is saving the day.

A very grateful Bridget offered this on Facebook.

The surgery is Friday morning. If you’re a religious person please say a prayer for Becky and Edie and the O’Neill family. If you’re not, please keep positive thoughts. We’re pulling for them and want so much for things to go well.

In a phone call with Bridget today she says she wants to thank all our listeners who shared Edie’s story and joined in the effort to find her a donor. As do we.

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