I don’t really know if the universe has ears or God hears prayers, but if you’re one of the many thousands who sent positive vibes for the O’Neill family we have news that will make you happy. 3 month old Edie O’Neill made it through surgery and received a new liver.

Edie’s liver began failing at just two weeks old and things got dramatically worse in January. At only 3 months old she was already on the deceased donor list but her need was so dire doctors also put out a call for a living donor. That’s when we began writing about it here and asking people to share her story, hoping she could find someone in time. The donor criteria was very narrow, and after searching wide and far it turned out someone who stepped up in her own family turned out to be a match. It was Edie’s mom Bridget O’Neill’s first cousin Becky.

The surgery was scheduled for Friday morning and I spent that day constantly checking Bridget’s Facebook for any word.

Finally it came.

So far so good. May this happy ending continue.

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