The desperate plight of a little 3-month-old baby girl and her family has caught the hearts of much of New Jersey. Edie ONeill has a mysterious liver failure she’s been battling and things took a turn for the worse on January 11 when she was rushed back to a hospital. She’s now in intensive care at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia as time is short.

She’s on the typical deceased donor list but their best bet may be a living donor. Surgeons can take a small section of liver from a living donor and the donor’s liver grows back in months and Edie’s new liver would grow inside her.

But the donor has to be a very specific person; someone between 21 and 30 years old with type A or O blood either positive or negative and has to be less than 100 pounds. Many listeners have challenged this assuming that information is wrong on the weight. It’s not. On Friday’s show Edie’s mother, Bridget O’Neill, came on and explained the criteria and the process.

We are sharing her segment in hopes of encouraging people to spread the word and hopefully find that very special someone willing to save a little baby’s life.

The small section of liver can come from either gender but it’s more likely someone between 21 and 30 who weighs less than 100 pounds would be a petite woman. If that’s you, here’s a chance to show big heroes can come in small packages. As said in Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’, “Though she be but little she is fierce.”

If you know a fierce hero, we beg you to share this story with them before it’s too late.

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