Mother's Day is not always easy when looking for the perfect gift for mom. For all that mothers do for us, getting typical presents like flowers or cards sometimes doesn't feel like enough. Let's face it - moms deserve the best, but if buying a huge gift is not possible for you this year then we found some small gifts that say it all and will make mom laugh! Check out these 10 funny Mother's Day gifts with great slogans!

  • 10

    “Happy Mother's Day to Mom, the original seat belt.”

    She slammed on the brakes and the super-protective super arm went up! Get mom this mug to remind her of your pre-license days in the car.

  • 9

    “You Can't Scare Me – I Have A Daughter”

    Ask any mom with one or more daughters and she'll tell you: it isn't easy! This shirt is for all those who survived the difficult times raising a daughter!

  • 8

    “I Like to Give Homemade Gifts – Which Kid Do You Want?”

    A common joke made by mothers, offering up kids just means that many moms have had their boiling points tested a time or two. Give someone who's a mom this card and show her your sense of humor and understanding!

  • 7

    MOM OFF DUTY – Go Ask Your Dad!”

    This shirt is a perfect way to let mom proudly express the need for a break! The kids will know they better get dad if they need something, without mom ever having to say a word.

  • 6

    “Real Moms Make Twins!”

    We couldn't leave out mothers of multiples. Most moms can agree that raising two babies at once is never easy - so this shirt is pretty awesome.

  • 5

    “(MOM) Nurse, Counselor, Chauffeur, Executive Chef, Teacher, Personal Assistant, Housekeeper, Computer Operator, Accountant”

    This apron is for the moms who do it all but don't get the credit they deserve. Many moms hold the family, household, bills, meals, and everything else together and by wearing the apron, they can let it be known to all!

  • 4

    “What Happens at Grandma's Stays at Grandma's!”

    For all the grandmothers who spoil their grandchildren, this mug says it all! Grandmas are notorious for giving the little ones everything that mom says “no” to from sweets to games, clothes, cash and more!

  • 3

    “Blondes Moms have more fun!”

    Get mom this trucker hat to set the saying straight for once and for all. It's not blondes, it's moms who are fun!

  • 2

    “Who are these kids? …And why are they calling me Mom?”

    Again, poking fun of not claiming ownership of the kids, this bumper sticker is hysterical. Give it to mom for her car and guarantee laughs, unless the driver behind her is uptight and abnormal!

  • 1

    “I brought you into this world, I can take you out!”

    In celebration of one of the funniest phrases used by moms everywhere, this retro magnet will remind mom of her threatening sayings when you were growing up!