It's bad enough New Jersey came in 42 out of 50 states for driving. That figure goes up exponentially when driving in the snow.  Since we're expecting snow tomorrow, my listeners and social media followers have come up with the 10 commandments for driving in the snow. It's scary enough when you're out there in the inclement weather, it's worse when you have idiot drivers all around you. Please read before you start driving and pretty please, be safe out there.

Keith Vena — Thou shall remember to clean their ENTIRE automobile off of all the snow before driving on the roads!!!!
Justin Morris — If you're scared stay the hell home
Carol Iannotti — Slow down
Wayne Sweeney — Thou shall not drive within a few feet from someone’s bumper while snow and ice are on the ground.
Paul Liberatori — You cannot drive faster than the car in front of you. Thou shalt not try
Monica Bansky — Thou shalt maintain a safe speed for road conditions
Susan Rochester Zucconi — Thou shall not be a speed racer driving in the snow down the highways.
Erin O'Brien — No left lane d*ck in ice and snow.
Tom Strauss — Thou shalt not treat road like slalom course
Russell Bien — Thou shall not go to pass the snow plow on the left, pull up next to it, then never pass it for the nest 20 miles
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