One of the joys of putting on one of our special comedy contests at the Comedy Cove in Springfield, NJ, is meeting unique, new talent like today's guest, Joe Donzi. Joe is guy who got a later start than most in stand-up, and yet, on only his sixth time on stage, he was able to impress us enough to earn a spot on our weekend show.

This week, we talk to Joe, backstage, before the show, and find out what finally got him up on stage, his writing and practice techniques, and his weird love of the 1997 Nicholas Cage movie about prisoners (and mullets) on a plane, "Con Air".

I know that there are plenty of people reading this who have thought about trying stand-up comedy, but who find excuses not to do it every time the thought bubbles up in their brain. And believe me, if you were just judging the art by listening to me and my giant grab-bag of emotional issues, you'd be right to avoid it at all costs. But when you hear someone like Joe, whose talent and good nature are on display throughout the episode, you can't help but be inspired by it.

So, check this week's podcast out, and please, don't forget to rate and review us on iTunes!

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