Here is what some readers and listeners have already posted about the arrests Friday night of seven juvenile suspects in the hazing and sex abuse scandal that triggered cancellation of Sayreville's high school football season. What is your view? We invited you to post it in "comments" below.

Stephanie Giuliano: Happy these kids are not getting away with this. The coaches and staff who allowed this to happen need to be fired. There is no way they didn't know what was going on in there locker rooms. I am from Sayreville and it was a great town with good schools. I am sorry to see what has happened and my prayers are with the freshman kids who were victims and also will suffer mental health issues from all of this.

The entrance to Sayreville War Memorial High School
The entrance to Sayreville War Memorial High School (AP Photo/Mel Evans)

Richard T. Green: You can't go soft on sex offenses and brutality. The have a brain and knew what they were doing was reprehensible. It takes a total lack of respect for other human beings to be so cruel as to hold them against their own free will and violate them physically and mentally. Don't feel sorry for predators, they don't feel sorry while they victimize orhers!

Maureen Lynne: This is just sad circumstances all around. Many of these kids probably did not understand the seriousness of their despicable actions. Their "jokes" will now cost them at least 2 years in a juvenile correctional facility and 15 years Megan's law registration (I am sure some will plead that out). And if it was seniors doing it to freshman, I'm sure someone under the age of 18 will be taking it for adults since this says juveniles. These poor victims faced these perps everyday. I hope Sayreville is putting counseling in place for all.

Dan Johnson Good job guys. You're going to be charged with sexual assault be registered sex offenders for the rest of your lives. That will look really good on your transcripts.

Neill Jameson: Probably not a bad idea to look into firing the coaching staff too. Sorry if this offends sports fans who are more concerned about getting their kids into college on any merit that doesn't involve them actually having reading comprehension and math ability, I know it's too much to ask that they can do that sort of thing. Go team, right?

Kris Tanfield Duprez: I'm so glad they can finally press charges. These young men need to learn the consequence of their actions. I get the feeling their parents have made excuses for them for years!

Elise Sattilaro:  I am so disgusted this went on but praise those students who bravely came forward and exposed those who committed these horrific and deviant acts. I have a feeling that there my be more info as the investigation goes on. I hope the victims heal from this. I commend Dr. Labbe for his quick action to enforce Zero Tolerance.

Scott Irwin: Amazing how kids who r supposed to be leaders on a football team would treat underclassmen this way. Never in 4 yrs on Varsity sports teams did anything like this happen or thought of. Why would kids treat kids this way. This will effect both innocent and guilty parties forever and some may get jail time for this. Really was it worth it.... hopefully other schools and teenagers learn from this and stand up for kids being bullied and teased.

Jim Hauck: There is no excuse, nor is there any defense for the adults on charge of these children to not adequately supervise these kids, all the coaches and Amy adults involved in the chaperoning and supervision here deserve to be fired and possibly charged as well for neglect!


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