Here in New Jersey, we relax a little by serving up our favorite cocktail.

I assumed, wrongly so, that New Jersey’s favorite cocktail might be a Bloody Mary, Martini or something with whiskey or bourbon. Nope.

The study was conducted by alcohol company, Drinks House 247, who analyzed the numbers from Google search interest data from every state in the last 12 months to determine which types of cocktails were the subject of the most searches. Their results were pretty interesting and frankly left me scratching my head.

Nationally, the most popular cocktail turned out to be the Old Fashioned, with nine states searching for the classic cocktail the most. I assumed that the popularity of the Old Fashioned would be regional. It’s not, it’s the most popular in Alaska, North Dakota, Delaware, Ohio, Oregon and our friends in Pennsylvania to name a few who all love the Old Fashioned but it’s not New Jersey’s favorite cocktail.

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The study also points out that all cocktails' popularity and search increase significantly in the summer. The second most popular cocktail throughout the country is the Margarita and it’s year-round for many of the states that make it the most popular cocktail are Massachusetts, Tennessee, Maine, Missouri and Kansa to name a few.

New Jersey is not one of those states that make the Margarita their most popular.

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Here’s my head-scratching moment. The Moscow Mule is the third most popular in the country and the most popular and searched cocktail here in New Jersey. The Moscow Mule!

I think I’m hanging around different bars. I don’t remember seeing anybody drinking a Moscow Mule. The Moscow Mule is also the most popular in six other states including Florida, Arizona, Illinois, Minnesota, Nebraska and North Carolina.

The recipe for a Moscow Mule is simple. It's vodka, lime juice and ginger beer, mixed over ice and served in a copper mug to hold the cold; it also has a wedge of lime on the mug.

That’s the most popular cocktail here in New Jersey. Who knew? Give me my Crown Royal Manhattan. Cheers!

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