Clinton Station Diner is one of the greatest food establishments in New Jersey. It’s quaint, it’s in a great area of the state, the food is superb and the service is amazing. Dennis and I were lucky enough to have a stop there on our diner tour years ago and we just fell in love with the place but I had no idea about the burger. OMG the burger.

Clinton Station has some of the largest burgers, not only in New Jersey but in the country. And when I say they are massive, well how about this: their largest burger is the “8th Wonder.” It weighs in at a whopping 105 pounds. There’s also the Mount Olympus burger which by comparison is wee — only 50 pounds and 25 pounds of it are actual beef the rest is bun and fixins. If you’re a real lightweight I guess you’ll have to settle for the Zeus, which is 15 pounds or the Atlas, which contains only three measly pounds of beef.

Now here’s the fun part! According to an article on, if you and nine of your hungry friends can finish the eighth wonder in under an hour you’ll win $2,000. Five of you can get $1000 for finishing the mount Olympus in under an hour. You can win $500 if you finish the “Zeus” in 1.5 hours, or bring one friend and finish it in 45 minutes or two friends and finish it in 30 minutes. Plus.. it’ll be free!!

Believe me, there are other great things on the menu, but bring some like-minded, fun loving, Burger-busting friends and you can have a fun night out and walk out of a great jersey diner a little richer!

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