My daughter moved to Texas almost two years ago. Her Fort Worth friends were incredulous that she had never fired a gun.

I hunted when she was growing up, but not that frequently. She always protested and I never kept a gun in the house. I never took her to a shooting range because just the thought of guns in New Jersey was just such a taboo.

So now she's 26 and on her own and living in the great state of Texas. All of her friends shoot and some have their own guns. No big deal there.

Well Sunday there wasn't much going on and after reviewing the options she agreed to go to a gun range with a friend. She said at first the noise and the power of the handgun were terrifying, but after a few shots, she liked it!

I'm glad she's getting to enjoy all that another part of the country has to offer, especially Texas. Great barbecue, great Mexican food, real down home friendly people, lower taxes and regulations and you can carry and shoot a gun!

I just wish she'd stop saying "y'all" so much. That weirds me out more than her firing a gun!

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