"This Is Us" may have lost an Emmy nomination on a technicality, but they're gaining Sylvester Stallone as a mentor to Kevin. The Rocky star will appear in one episode as himself starring in the movie that you may remember Ron Howard calling Kevin about after he went to see his play at the end of last year. You may remember Milo Ventimiglia playing Rocky's son Rob and hearing that inspirational speech given by Sly in "Rocky Balboa."

Speaking of Ventimiliglia, we'll also find out how his character and patriarch Jack died. The story picks up the morning after he and Rebecca have the big fight that end season one. It also begins with the the triplets a year older celebrating their 37th birthdays.

There was thought to moving the show to Thursday nights, but This Is Us Season 2 will kick off Tuesday Sept 26th at 9pm on NBC.

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