Over the weekend I got a knock on the front door. The usual stuff ran through my head.

"Please don't be someone selling me siding or a roof. Please don't be an annoying neighbor that wants to inform me of something I don't care about. Please don't be somebody who hit my car out front or damaged my house."

Pretty much "please don't be anybody!"

Remember the old days when kids would knock at your door and run away. Boys how I miss those days! But Saturday was my lucky day.

A Girl Scout and her dad, pulling a wagon of girl scout cookie wanted to know if I wanted Girl Scout Cookies. Well...Yeah! I bought three boxes.

It was so refreshing to see the kid walking and earning her money or badge, and it was cute to see dad with her along the way. I'm tired of getting ambushed at the supermarket to buy cookies.

I get it. High traffic and people with money to spend. Good for this little girl making her money the old fashioned way. It's a main street, so I was a little concerned for her safety, but that's why dad was with her.

I miss the days when this was common. It was so refreshing to see. A box of Girl Scout Cookies = $4.00. Seeing a dad with his girl scout daughter = PRICELESS! I miss my little girl.

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