Would Chris Christie consider becoming the U.S. vice president? Who's asking?

No, really — who's asking?

The New Jersey governor was noncommittal Thursday when asked that question outside the South Plainfield Motor Vehicle Commission Office (where he helped a mother get a permit replacement for her teen son). Is his thinking different now than in 2012?

"I don't know," Christie said. "I was never offered anything in 2012. ... My thinking would be no different now than it was then. If there were an offer made to me for any position in government going forward I would make the evaluation the same way I always make those evaluations: Sit down and talk with my wife, and my children, and I'd decide in my heart what I wanted to do."

Ever since Christie dropped out of the race for the GOP presidential nomination and endorsed his longtime friend Donald Trump, speculation's persisted that Trump could ask Christie to be his running mate, or attorney general in a Trump administration.

But on Wednesday night's Ask The Governor on New Jersey 101.5, Christie said he's looking ahead to a career in the private sector — and a chance to finally make more money than his wife.

Outside the MVC, Christie said "you don't run for those jobs, those jobs either come to you or they don't ... and I'm not only talking about vice president, but any jobs in the cabinet."

But while Christie said Trump would be the GOP nominee (which remains far from certain), the question is moot if Trump doesn't win the presidency.

"I don't think I'll be a choice in a Hillary Clinton or a Bernie Sanders administration," he said.