This is very hard to do.

Chris Christie hasn't been governor of New Jersey since January 2018 … yet, he's still hard at work raising taxes for every resident and visitor to New Jersey.

In one of the worst decisions in American history, Chris Christie enacted legislation that permanently gave the state of New Jersey the right to raise the gasoline tax in the Garden State.

Who would raise taxes forever?

Chris Christie actually accomplished this tough feat.

Your next gasoline tax increase is right around the corner, already set to take effect on Oct. 1, 2023.

When this tax increase goes into effect in 29 days, don’t blame the current governor, Phil Murphy … he has absolutely nothing to do with this.

You have Chris Christie to thank for this.

You see, he had this “genius” idea … he didn’t seek to raise the gasoline tax just once during a tough time … he crafted it so that state government can raise the gasoline tax forever and ever.

The scheme went like this. As this type of tax increase requires voter approval … it went on the General Election ballot in 2016.

The ballot question was formulated, along with the interpretation of what the question meant.

The ballot question passed narrowly. Yes, uninformed citizens voted to raise their own gasoline tax, which had been the 3rd lowest in America at the time.

What the voters weren’t fully aware of was the fact that they gave state government the approval to not only raise the state gasoline tax once … but, in perpetuity.

Financial formulas are calculated and whenever there is a qualifying shortfall (below $ 2 billion in gasoline tax receipts), the state has the eternal permission to raise the New Jersey gasoline sales tax forever and ever.

It is one of the most punitive and regressive taxes in American history.

It has no ceiling. It has no expiration date.

It’s really simple. It works like this. Whenever there is a shortfall of the $2 billion gas tax fund … they can raise the gas tax to make up the difference.

The increase this time will be 0.9 cents per gallon of gasoline, from 30.9 cents to 31.8 cents.

The state gasoline sales tax has increased multiple times since Christie enacted his scheme.

New Jersey went from the 3rd lowest gasoline tax to the 7th highest in America … and, that’s before the latest tax increase takes effect.

It’s important to note that before Chris Christie stuck it to New Jersey in 2016, the state gasoline tax was only 14.5 cents per gallon.

It has increased by more than 26 cents per gallon since then.

Thank you, Chris Christie.

PS: Now, Chris Christie is running for president. Even worse, he’s not actually running for president. Chris Christie is running to try and stop Donald Trump from becoming president, again.

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