❎ Another NJ candidate launches presidential campaign

❎ Republican conservative has lost several races in 6 years

❎ Video uses term that leans into anti-Semitic conspiracy theory; campaign disputes

A conservative Republican who has lost several political races in New Jersey — including two attempts at becoming governor — has announced his campaign for the White House.

Hirsh Singh has billed himself as the “only pureblood” candidate based on his refusal to receive a vaccination against COVID-19.

(Hirsh Singh via Twitter)
(Hirsh Singh via Twitter)

Singh has been a steadfast supporter of Donald Trump — who championed the COVID vaccine before and after his term in office — and referenced the former president in his announcement.

“While President Trump was undoubtedly the greatest president of my lifetime and had my support as a MAGA Republican since day one, America needs more,” Singh said in a video announcement posted to Twitter, now called X.

He introduced himself to prospective voters as a "lifelong Republican and an America-first, constitutional carry, and pro-life conservative who helped restore the conservative wing of New Jersey's Republican Party starting in 2017."

(Hirsh Singh via Twitter)
(Hirsh Singh via Twitter)

Anti-Semitic reference?

In his announcement, Singh compared Democrats to "Bolsheviks" — a term not often heard in American political discourse but one heard in anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. Singh made the reference while referring to parents of various religions, leaving out Jewish parents.

“In the last century, America provided leadership to the free world, by opposing the Bolsheviks in the Soviet Union,” Hirsh said in the same video posted on July 27.

“But American parents today, whether Christian, Muslim, Hindu, live in great fear of the same Bolsheviks who have taken over our schools and are imposing their religion and extreme ideology — endangering our children.”

When asked to discuss the reference, Singh's campaign manager denounced the implication as “way out there.”

“The word 'Bolshevik' accurately captures the actions of Democrats as the Democrat Party is doing to the U.S. exactly what the Bolsheviks did upon capturing power in the Soviet Union - indoctrinate children in schools,” Arvind Kumar said in an email to New Jersey 101.5.

The term Bolshevik is Russian for “One of the Majority.” It was the name of the political party founded by Vladimir Lenin which later became the Communist Party.

Over a century later, the word pops up in the U.S. perhaps most frequently when discussing “Judeo-Bolshevism.” The conspiracy theory has been explored in depth in a book by longtime Rutgers University history professor, Paul Hanebrink, author of “A Specter Haunting Europe: The Myth of Judeo-Bolshevism.”

Gov. Chris Christie kicked off his second attempt at a presidential campaign
Hirsh Singh sign, Donald Trump
Hirsh Singh sign (Dan Alexander, TSM NJ) Donald Trump (Getty Images)

❎ History of Singh's failed NJ campaigns

Singh first ran a failed campaign for governor in 2017, finishing third in the primary with 10% of the vote.

He then announced his intent to run for U.S. Senate in 2018 but withdrew to instead run for the House in the 2nd Congressional district, finishing second in that primary with 30%.

Singh ran for Senate in 2020 and finished second in the primary, with 36% of the vote.

In 2021, he ran again for governor but lost once more in the Republican primary.

The New Jersey Globe reported that Singh’s latest race also ended in defeat last year — as he sought a spot on the Ocean Club Homeowners Association Board of Directors in Atlantic City.

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