We often ignore the fact that so many things that happen in your hometown have to do with the competence of the government workers who staff city hall.

This week I was invited to address the Municipal Clerk's Association of New Jersey in Atlantic City.

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Bill Spadea speaking at the Municipal Clerk’s Association of NJ in Atlantic City

First of all, let's shout out the great staff at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in AC, they always do an outstanding job hosting events.

There were about 300 attendees to the event mixed across party lines. Democrats, Republicans, and unaffiliated voters all soaking in the message of common sense.

My message is simple, the politicians in Trenton have made the job of our municipal leaders harder not easier over the years. Mandates and restrictions and political manipulation of budgets have made the local job one that is both tough and under-appreciated.

I truly appreciated that the crowd responded positively to our message of common sense, and practical ideas to address the problems created by the absurd and damaging push for high-density housing and the failed policies of school and municipal funding.

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These are the folks who get the job done every day and we have to empower them instead of allowing Trenton politicians to disparage them.

We stand with our municipal clerks, managers, and workers. Thank you for all you do on behalf of the rest of us.

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