One's a GOP presidential race frontrunner and real estate mogul whose name is on buildings and golf courses throughout New Jersey — and who's made some of the most controversial statements about Muslims in New Jersey anyone's heard in years.

One is the state's current governor, lagging the polls in his own presidential bid but picking up key endorsements that could keep his campaign alive — as well as a guest of New Jersey 101.5 Tuesday for Ask the Governor. 

And one is a Hoboken native who became one of the most popular musical influences of the 20th century — and whose 100th birthday is coming up Dec. 12.

Hopefully, you know your Jersey (or Jersey-connected) guys — which is Donald Trump, which is Chris Christie and which is Frank Sinatra. But could you tell by their words? It may not be so easy. Take our quiz below and see if you can tell the Rat Pack crooner from the political pack players.