Today was a great day because we finally got resolution to something in Princeton that has been grading on me for years now.

Thanks to the hard work of two special people, Roy James and Ray Wadsworth, the beam from the World Trade Center, that was brought to Princeton and hidden away in a firehouse because of the lack of action by local government, has finally found a home. There was a beautiful ceremony when the beam was brought down to Princeton, but due to a threat of a lawsuit, had been hidden away in a firehouse on Chestnut Street, but no longer.

Roy James said that while it was hidden away inside the firehouse, the team wanted to do something special to honor it. "We took one of the bays of a firehouse that isn't being used right now and they made a nice little memorial so people can drop by, they can look at it. There's an American Flag behind it as well as the flag for the fire department and the steel beam is covered with an American Flag and there's a picture of the famous picture of the firefighters putting up the flag on 9/11," James stated.

The resolution started when Ray Wadsworth and James had a discussion about how to get the beam moved. Wadsworth then took the bull by the horns and put a plan into action. Wadsworth brought an idea to the Monsignor at St. Paul's Church to have the beam displayed there. Wadsworth said "Monsignor, we have that piece of steel that's been laying in the firehouse and I think that would be a beautiful place out in the prayer garden our or by the side there in the driveway. I told the monsignor that this is an appropriate time. Monsignor went along, he said 'yes.'"

I want to commend Ray and Roy, as both of them are heroes for making this happen. This is a day to celebrate something that has been a long time coming. This beam from the World Trade Center represents the losses that America took, as well as the losses locally in Princeton.

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