Right along the lines of you simply never know what's ahead when you put on the uniform and head out for that shift, today's #BlueFriday fits the bill.

Two cops arrived at a Wood-Ridge, NJ home a few hours after midnight on Good Friday. A mom had pushed out her second baby with the help of her husband, but the baby was blue and needed help. Enter police officers Mike Mueller and Rob Cangialosi. The two quickly used the training they received when they were new recruits and got the baby, who was blue at the time of their arrival, breathing. Then they used dad's shoe lace to tie off the umbilical cord.

The story of the cops unique relationship with this family continued when the officers arrived a few days later to provide the baby, named Nico, with a police uniform and a toy police car for Nico's older brother, Luca.

We appreciate all of the cops who serve our great state and communities every day, and a reminder to everyone in Blue, refresh your mind with that academy training, you never know what you'll be called on to do during tonight's shift!

You can read the full accounting of the incident from ABC news HERE.

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