I did our radio show Friday with Dena Blizzard since Judi was off. We talked about a story of a 20 year-old man in Ocean Twp. who was pleasuring himself in the parking lot while watching a woman go into a gym.

She called the police and he was arrested for lewd behavior. Good! He's a creep and deserves a good ass kickin. You can't do that anymore or you'll get in trouble, so we call the police. Fine. I brought up the fact that in the story the woman was called a "victim". Our society is in love with the word and the concept of being one. We aspire to it. We're obsessed with victimhood. I just brought up the fact that if the genders were reversed a man would be flattered, even elated that a woman found him so attractive that she couldn't control her urges.

Every man's dream. It's true. It's a difficult concept for women to grasp and I get it. So Dena and I tried to explain our points of view....Well, at least I did. Dena just thought I was nuts, for having such an opinion.

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