We're in the middle of the show on Wednesday as I write this. I just heard chief meteorologist Dan Zarrow warn that we can have wind chills of 20 below 0 Wednesday night. The temperature won't rise above the freezing mark until Saturday. Frostbite can set in in half an hour with these conditions. In short, this is dangerous. The midwest has it even worse. But here in New Jersey this is still nothing to mess with.

So here's a list I compiled of 18 things various safety experts from AAA to the CDC and others say you should keep in your vehicle for emergencies, especially in the winter.

Fire extinguisher. Winter weather brings accidents. Accidents can bring fires.
A strong car battery. Once it's three years old, get it checked.
Jumper cables. If you don't need them, you could still help someone else.
Properly inflated tires. You should check this because cold air causes loss of tire pressure.
De-icer. Not everyone keeps a car in a garage. You don't want to be frozen out of it. Of course this one should not be kept inside the car.
Shovel. Ever been plowed in after being parked awhile? It can happen.
Ice scraper. This one seems obvious, but just make sure you have it.
First aid kit. This is good all year round.
Flares or reflective triangle. If you get stuck on the shoulder of a busy road with poor visibility, or have an accident in the same conditions, this can save you from a bigger disaster.
Rope or chain. A tow chain is a smart thing to keep with you in case you slide off the road.
Essential medication. If you're on a life saving drug, what will happen if you get stranded overnight in a blizzard? Keep just a small amount in your car if you can.
Extra clothing. Imagine being stuck in the bitter cold and running out of gas and having no heat in your car. It could be a life saver.
Flashlight. Try changing a tire in the dark without one.
Brightly colored cloth. They say you should attach it to the outside of your car to help rescuers see you.
Snacks and beverages. If you ever get stranded for the long term, food and more importantly water is a must. If traveling with pets, think about keeping their food in your car too.
Portable phone charger. Your phone is your ultimate lifeline.
Sand or kitty litter. Your tires could need traction.
Blankets. Keep several in your car in case you are in the awful position of spending the night in a freezing cold car that is out of gas.

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