This man, Elias Guarcas, an illegal immigrant from Guatemala, was arrested Monday morning for an alleged random knife attack on a woman in Cliffside Park. The incident was witnessed by several people and he was stopped by a passing cab driver and held until cops arrived, police said.

Now ICE wants local authorities to hold him for deportation. If this is a sanctuary state, as Gov. Phil Murphy has promised, will local authorities hold him or turn him loose on the streets?

Shouldn't a guy like this be tossed out of the country immediately? Of course. Where is the line where the state will cooperate with federal authorities when it comes to people here illegally?

Not all people from Guatemala are knife-wielding violent criminals, but the ones here that are, should be sent packing as soon as possible. We looked for this story on any other local news outlets and couldn't find it. Hmmm.

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