My ten year old sons Albert and Lennon are so psyched for football this year and I am so psyched to watch it with them. The "football light" went on for them this year and now the NFL Network is on 24/7 in my house and I spend more time talking football with them than I ever did on Sports radio. But will I let them play tackle football at 10? Absolutely not!

They are already playing flag in the HEWYBL league and it's been a great experience for them. They want to play in tackle league and I say they are too young. I spoke with South Brunswick High school football coach Joe George whose sons started playing in the 7th and 8th grade, two years older than my boys.

"I think there are definitely some issues that parents want to consider. It's a big thing for us to teach the proper form in tackling, safety's a big issue at any level, but I think the benefits of football far outweigh the risks if you're being coached and taught properly." I don't doubt that but I still think 10 is too young.

High school football is taking a hit in New Jersey as three schools have dropped their varsity programs.  Safety concerns have a lot to do with that.

After also speaking with some ex NFL players as well as some other coaches, it seems like 14 is a good age. They're a little bigger and more developed both mentally, physically and emotionally. I have no problem with them playing at that age if that's what they want to do, but for right now, they're going to have to settle for flag and some great conversation.

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