Last week's election nearly wiped out all of the remaining congressional representatives in New Jersey. Only one of the 12 representing us in Washington is a Republican, Chris Smith. For the record I am a member of the majority voting block in New Jersey. I'm an independent. Independents make up 40%, Dems 37% and Republicans 23%.

I dislike both parties and the division the two party system brings. The state legislature and Governorship are in the hands of the Democrats. The state is drowning in debt. Small business is on its knees and big business is running for cover or staying far away. Property tax payers in New Jersey are the most burdened in the country, mostly due to the dominant Democrats and the hapless, inept Republicans. Why would a state drowning in debt, over taxed, over regulated, stripped of many of the liberties and freedoms most other states enjoy, continue to vote for the party that continues to push the policies that put us here?

This past election was indeed a blue wave in New Jersey, but why? Was it push back to Donald Trump? An over emotional reaction to the constant barrage of negativity toward Trump from the mainstream media, pop culture and academia? I can't begin to defend some of the offensive things the President has tweeted or said in his stupid, immature rallies. Not many can defend his reputation as a womanizing, ego-maniacal, immature blow hard. But what he's done and the direction he's trying to move the country, is long overdue.

Do the voters in this state actually know the issues, or can they just regurgitate talking points they hear from the nice Democrat politicians and their propaganda arm, the American media? Was this election based on real issues and a vision for the future or an emotionally induced projectile vomiting from all the bad stuff this bad man is doing as President? The best I can figure is that people voted on feelings and surface nonsense and not based on any logic that I can figure out.

This is not going to end well, if you're a hard working and moderately prosperous member of the private sector. If you work for the government, you can at least cash out (sometimes pretty young) and retire to a more affordable, sensible state to live in. The voters of New Jersey remind me of that scene in the movie Animal House, during the pledge initiation. Even though we're getting it pretty hard on the ass, you've all just said, Thank you sir, may I have another!

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