Let’s get this straight. Terrorists are our enemies. Israel is our friend. Hamas is a terrorist organization bent on the destruction of our friend, Israel and so therefore by deductive reasoning it would be our duty as Americans to support Israel. I’m not naive. I know that that notion is lost on the screaming radical left.

But I don’t care what university you go to or what liberal thought your fellow student put on Facebook that is now going to become ingrained in your worldview, these are facts. Every day I consider it my American duty to google “how many attacks were launched against Israel today.” I do this because I know that the daily attacks from missiles, and rockets and incendiary kites and all the bloodshed and visits by Israeli civilians to bomb shelters will not be reported in the news.

The security fence in Israel should never be confused with an immigration wall. Not by hapless, giddy young Lefties and not by US senators from NJ. Although I can understand how young people may get confused since they glean most of their information from 140 character tweets or Facebook posts, I can’t allow for Senator Cory Booker to confuse the two.

So let me explain: an immigration wall exists, presumably, to screen out undocumented and, yes -illegal- immigrants. The security fence (and yes in some places “wall”) in Israel is there stop the daily, (mostly unreported) bombing and attacks from the Palestinian territories, whose leaders are Hamas, a terrorist organization whose states mission is the complete eradication of our friend, Israel.

Even your hard earned tax dollars sent there earmarked for “humanitarian aid“ are used by Hamas to build tunnels to thwart the security system, and to fund more weapons and set more fires to further harm Israel, as it is their stated commitment to wipe it off the map.

Next, the Israeli hospitals take in the injured terrorists, harmed with their own crude weapons, and as a humanitarian gesture, nurse them back to health and release them to their homes to start the whole process over again.

So I read first with amusement and then with shock and dismay about Senator Cory Booker photographed holding an anti-Israel sign at the Netroots conference in New Orleans, a yearly gathering of progressives, and then claiming, through his spokespeople, to not really have read the sign. When our strongest ally in the middle east is being unjustly targeted by every liberal media outlet in the country, it’s disturbing to see Senator Booker holding a sign that pushes a scary (and false) agenda against the only true democracy in the Middle East.

However, I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt. I believe it’s possible he made a mistake. Because people do make mistakes. I believe it’s possible that Cory Booker didn’t read the sign. I believe somebody handed him the sign and then he posed for the photo op. And that is what you have the luxury of doing when you are on THAT side in America today. Cory Booker doesn’t even need to be THAT careful.

If someone on the other side, however, makes a slight mistake, an attempt at humor, an offhanded remark, or holds up a sign without reading it, his integrity is questioned, his career is threatened, his statements are disavowed, and his views wiped from cyberspace and blocked from all social media. I predict Cory Booker will emerge from this unscathed. Because if you’re on the correct side of today’s groupthink mentality, you can hold up a sign condemning and insulting one of America’s friends and you’ll be fine. You can just say you didn’t read the sign.

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