The story of the shooting at a church in Texas continues to develop as we learn more about the alleged shooter, Devin Kelley, and his violent past. It's clear from numerous reports that there are laws on the books that would have prevented this killer from obtaining his firearms legally.

Where's the accountability from our government on better communication to keep guns from potential threats? The solution is not about the knee jerk reaction from left wing politicians all tripping over themselves to steal headlines while the dead are being carted out of the crime scene. The solution is at least two fold.

First, better enforcement of our current rules and regulations that would have prevented the sale. Second, better mental health evaluation and tracking of unstable people, especially those that have committed previous violent acts. And then there's the third piece of the prevention solution: armed citizens. The shooter was disrupted and fled after an encounter with an armed civilian.

The real question to ask is, how many soft targets have to be vulnerable to lunatics and terrorists before we realize that a nation of armed citizens is already in position to practice prevention? Debate gun control all you want but between ISIS, gangs and hundreds of millions of weapons already in public hands the next tragedy is already in the works.  Some are talking about armed guards at soft targets. The challenge with that solution is it isn't practical nor is it affordable for most places. What about deputizing former military and cops and expand the concealed or even open carry laws to NJ? Criteria could be established similar to the open carry policy of law enforcement. Expand the circle of protection to include current soft targets.

This is about being smart. Remember that all the stats on gun violence used by the media and anti-gun pols always include suicides. That's a totally different problem requiring a completely different solution that doesn't involve gun regulations. Here's a quick read about a starting point that will help New Jersey get back on track regarding keeping people safer.

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