Since we're living in a society where statues now need to be vetted before they can remain up, see Christopher Columbus, Asbury Park founder James A Brady, Richard Stockton, etc, etc, etc. I asked "If you were going to erect a statue of someone, who would it be?"  That was followed by several "Buttheads" in search of a Beavis pointing out that I said "erect". Here are some of the people that were mentioned:

  • Lots of people went Tom Petty
  • Jodi chose Robert Plant
  • Josh Schroeder - President Trump for making liberals cry Like little schoolgirls
  • Craig Stanton - Jerry Lewis, Humanitarian
  • Michael McCabe - The maker of Viagra
  • Michelle Jensen - My husband... He's the strongest, most kind hearted man I know! Not to mention, he's the definition of perseverance, dedication and loyalty! He's my ❤ (Awwww)
  • Tom Barney - Harry Truman. Great President. Last common person to be President.
  • Jimmy Graham - Artie Lange... that way if it falls over it will look natural.
  • Vini Lopez - My statue would be for all of the fishermen and women that work on the Jersey Shore! A very hard working bunch!!
  • Pete Michaels - Neil Armstrong
  • Paul Benn - The Invisible Man
  • Kitty Powell - Bruce Springsteen
  • Mike Matisa - John Cardarelli
  • Mitchell Siegel - Rosa Parks
  • Judi Yaccarino - My dad - not a perfect man, but an intelligent man who went out of his way to defend injustices, loved his family and learned from his mistakes. He was perfectly imperfect.
  • Ed Rufolo - Jack Klugman dressed as Oscar Madison in the robe, Met hat, and cigar in his mouth. Loved that show.

Who would you see as statue-worthy? Leave your answer in a comment below or tweet me @RealSteveTrev.

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