At some point during the show Thursday, my friend Lynn Regan from CFC Loud-N-Clear, who joined my in studio, told me that as a promoter of the big music festival in Seaside Heights, I had actually replaced a goat. Hmm, you mean G-O-A-T? (Greatest Of All Time)...Actually, no, a goat, the farm animal.

Goat or GOAT, I'm proud to play a small part with my podcast co-host Jessica Gibson to help an outstanding and unfortunately necessary organization.

On Saturday, September 29th from noon till at least 10pm, you'll hear from some of New Jersey's great cover bands playing everything from AC/DC to the Beatles. For the next few weeks leading up to the fifth annual event (third one that me and Jessica are hosting), I'm gonna dedicate at least an hour a week on the show to support the fight against addiction.

If you need help immediately, whether it's you or a friend or family member, please go to and let Daniel, Lynn and their amazing team provide you with the recovery help you need.

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