Asbury Park, NJ has a ton of great restaurants including seafood places. I think we all know, there's great seafood where it's cooked or prepared to taste very flavorful but then there's seafood where it bursts with freshness.

Taka is a Japanese restaurant in Asbury Park with an interesting menu. Don't be afraid to dive in, the seafood is fresh and has some of the best tastes I've ever indulged in.

Seahorse in the Asbury Park Convention Center is truly a hidden gem. Super fresh seafood, great with their salads. My favorite is their chilled chunk crab meat with avocado and watermelon appetizer. One of my favorite dishes in the entire city.

Robinson's Ale House has shrimp the size of your head. Shrimp tacos, seafood salads, and even their fish and chips are super fresh.

Homesick has a beautiful selection of fish dishes that are not only prepared well but are really fresh.

Cousins Maine Lobster has the freshest rolls, my favorite is their crab roll. They fill their buns with tons of seafood. No skimping there.

Where do these restaurants get their seafood? A lot admit to getting a lot of their inventory from the freshest of seafood ports, Point Pleasant!

There are plenty of seafood restaurants in Point Pleasant that cannot be beaten in taste and freshness.

Their restaurants may not be as trendy as Asbury Park's haunts but the seafood is phenomenal and unfortunately in the summer, you may get hit with a two-hour wait on weekends.


Jersey Fresh Produce is already starting to come to market

Jersey Fresh Produce is already starting to come to market

Gallery Credit: Dennis Malloy


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