New Jersey's autumn color show is about to start at a park or wooded area near you. This year's fall foliage is expected to be better than last year's.

Dawn McClennen, co-founder of, said the leaves on Jersey's trees will begin turning very soon. She said temperature has a lot to do with the leaves changing color: "You want kind of warm, sunny days ... but you need those cool nights to kick the tree and start to change. So once the nights get a little colder, you'll start to see the color ramp up."

She expected serious colors around the last week of September and early October, depending on where you are in the state.

McClennen says good spots for spectacular fall colors include High Point State Park in Sussex County, Hacklebarney State Park in Bridgewater and Belleplain State Forest in Cape May and Cumberland counties.

She says the colors themselves do not remain static, and will change from week to week: "You have actually quite a few weeks to get out there and see."

Fall foliage in Jersey usually runs from late September to mid-November.

McClennen said many people expect fall colors somewhere around Columbus Day weekend, but all of October should put on a good show.

"There's a lot of opportunities for color in different parts of the state because it changes at different times," she said, "You have a lot of opportunities, not just one weekend, to get out there."

There is more information about opportunities to view fall foliage in New Jersey at, the state Parks and Forests site and the NY-NJ Trail Conference site.

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