It's hard enough to sneak into an event without having to do it in a wheelchair, unless of course you make the chair work for you — and that's what former Rutgers football star Eric LeGrand, and former Monroe High School Hockey star-turned-New-Jersey-101.5-intern Mikey Nichols did.

LeGrand, while playing for Rutgers, suffered a severe spinal cord injury against Army in 2010 fracturing his C4 and C5 vertebrae. Nichols fractured his C5 vertebrae playing hockey for Monroe High School on Jan 4, 2014.

Here's how Mikey tells it:

The New Jersey Devils were gracious enough to give us and our buddies a suite to share at the Kevin Hart show. Eric has a long history of meeting professional athletes, musicians, comedians, pretty much anyone he wants. I always ask him how he does that and he always says to me, "you just got to use the chair!"

So during the show, I’m sitting next to Eric and I ask him to try and meet Kevin Hart after the show. I want him to show me how to use the chair. So after the show, Eric and I take the elevator down to the VIP lobby, which is where we came in, due to the fact that it was where the handicap parking is. We go to the desk at VIP and Eric asked who sent me the email. 

Now, I only got an email with the tickets. Nobody ever gave me permission to go meet Kevin Hart after the show. So I tell him who it was and Eric starts saying that this person sent them this email saying we could go meet Kevin Hart after the show. The people at the desk said OK and that they had to check with Hart's people. 

A few minutes go by and the guy comes back and points at Eric. He says the two of you can go back and meet Kevin. However, they made my friends sit and wait in the lobby while Eric and I were backstage meeting Kevin Hart. That’s how to use a wheelchair to your advantage. That’s how to sneak in somewhere knowingly, and still not get caught. 

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