On Wednesday's show we talked about turning in drivers, either to the state police through their #77 program or even to companies they work for through those How Am I Driving stickers. It was inspired by the video taken of a school bus driver who was texting while driving being handed over by a concerned Old Bridge parent.

When it comes to texting while driving, it's a major distraction and a major killer. Yet it's not the only one. When we were done with that hour a guy named Pete sent me this link to a Chicago Tribune story on how built-in car technology is turning out to be distracting. For example, the article points out a vehicle moving at 25 mph could have a driver spend 40 seconds fiddling with the car's navigation system and cover more than the length of three football fields with their eyes largely off the road.

So I'm curious with all the focus on texting while driving, what about everything else? What other forms of distraction are drawing your attention away from the task at hand? One study from the Monash University Accident Research Center concluded that having children in the backseat is actually a twelve times greater distraction than talking on the phone. Take our poll below and let us know what you think distracts you the most.

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