If you never heard of What's Normal, allow me to explain. Over the years Bill and I have gotten into some serious on-air arguments; juvenile crime, religion, you name it. Even more often we have gotten into some not so serious arguments; peeps vs. circus peanuts, Rush vs. Bruce, movies, tv shows, etc.. Sometimes these stupid arguments turn downright Seinfeldian.

Once in awhile when we realize we have something that we completely disagree on as to whether it's 'normal' or not, we turn it into an on-air wager. We give you three things on which we are opposed and see who's right. It's called What's Normal. This is a Thanksgiving version.

As always only the on-air calls count towards the actual bet, but it's fun to allow people to play along who can't get through on the phones and see if the results end up the same.

Question 1:

Question 2:

Question 3:

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